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Freelance Videographer for Live Interviews

Job Type: Part-time
Location: USA

Live interview-style productions, involving a multi-cam setup and remote interviewer participants.

We're looking for a Freelance Videographer with a knack for interview and documentary-style videography to join our dynamic team.

If you have a passion for storytelling through interviews and a talent for capturing engaging conversations on camera, we want you!

Are you skilled in the art of documentary or interview videography? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment where each project brings new challenges and opportunities?

We are seeking a Freelance Videographer who is not only adept with a camera but also excels in setting up engaging interview scenes, managing live feeds, and ensuring high-quality audio and video production.

You will be responsible for monthly productions, capturing compelling interviews with various clients. This role requires versatility and the ability to wear multiple hats on set, ensuring both the in-person and remote participants are presented in the best possible way.

You will have a dedicated team to support you by providing the client, interview questions, location, shooting schedule, and remote assistance on shoot days.

Our team is fully remote, which means on set, you will be running the show without additional crew.

You will be representing Eric and his team, so we're looking for someone skilled, professional with clients, and able to make the shoot day a positive experience for everybody! Each shoot will last about 6 hours from setup to wrap.

Key Responsibilities
• Be easy to work with and very communicative
• Work independently on set while producing consistent, quality work.
• Expertly manage and conduct live interview-style video productions.
• Capture video and audio according to provided specs.
​• Transport and set up the necessary equipment to do the job (camera, audio, lights, gear).
​• Coordinate with remote participants to ensure smooth integration into the live production.
​• Follow a schedule and wrap on time.
​• Upload footage to the team server once the shoot is over.


• Proven experience in videography, particularly in interviews and documentaries.
• Be professional and easy to work with on set.
• Access to the necessary equipment to do the job (camera, audio, lights, gear).
​• Understand subject lighting and framing.
​• Understand audio capture for clean, usable audio.
​• Knowledge of proper camera settings to deliver footage to spec.
​• Have a stable internet connection to quickly upload footage.​

If it sounds like a tall order, this is probably not going to be a fun gig. But, if you like a fast and focused production style, and you enjoy spending time with successful and talented entrepreneurs and influencers, you will love working with us!